7 principles for successful weight loss and happiness with our body

Part #1: Self-Acceptance & Self-Interest

We are all unique individuals with our strengths and weaknesses. Having a weight issue, does not define us as a human, any more than our height defines us as a human. Demanding that our body size and shape be a specific way (to meet some kind of social standard outside ourselves or our own internalized idealistic standard) minimizes our human uniqueness and puts us on an emotional rollercoaster. For example, conditional self-acceptance means that when I weigh less or am a particular shape, I am (more) worthy as a human being! Yet, weight is only one manifestation of who we are. It is not everything about our “self”. Humans are far too complex and composed of the integration of thousands of characteristics, personality traits, weight and body size, intelligence, interests, talents, hobbies, etc. To measure someone’s worth as a human being would be to measure all these characteristics and view them as … never changing!

The truth is that one’s total worth as a human being cannot be measured simply by a scale! In addition, our body type is largely biologically determined (structurally & functionally) which means that it is important to acknowledge what we can change and what we cannot.
We live in our bodies and it is important to take care of it, feed it with nutritious and tasty food, and live a life with a positive and rational (healthy) mind set, with lifestyle habits and physical activities that improve the quality of our lives. Give yourself (and your body) positive attention and care and start believing that you are unique and worthy, no matter what your body size or shape.

Choose to live in a healthy body and live your life well by unconditionally accepting your body and pursuing your interests, goals, desires!

More on the psychological habits for successful weight loss and happiness with your body … coming soon!

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